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Prescription drugs
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Our Guarantee To You:

  • Confidentiality and security!
  • All our products are brand name FDA approved pharmaceutical's or their generic equivalent!
  • Ensures the best online pharmacy prices!
  • We guarantee all orders or your money back!
  • No embarrassment, no appointments, no hassles!

    At RXMeds-now.com we believe that our clients are our business and we treat all clients with this respect.

      Welcome to RXMeds-Now.com

    Online Pharmacy
    RXMeds-Now.com is your comprehensive and safe online pharmacy for obtaining both branded original and generic medications and works with the leaders in licensed wholesale drug sales and dispensing. The physicians and pharmacists working for us dispense these medicines by utilizing the Internet. For you the customer this means a fast, confidential and reliable service with no formality. At RXMeds-now.com , All medicines are U.S. FDA approved brand name & generic prescription drugs but do not require any prescription in order to purchase them.
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    Online Pharmacy
    Most online pharmacies offer you a range of less than 20 popular drugs and a complex check out procedure with complex forms to fill in and even hefty doctors consultation fees that they don't tell you about until the end. Here that does not happen. We are a fully stocked pharmacy. Your order is processed the same day and on its way to you the next. That is why we have many thousands of satisfied customers all over the World who rely on us
      Prescription medication safety
    Do I need a prescription to order?
    A: There are NO CONSULTATION FEES and NO PRESCRIPTION IS REQUIRED at this pharmacy although we do recommend you consult a physician before placing your order.
      Prescription medication safety
    How do you ship and what is the cost of shipping?
    A: All orders are shipped with regular mail.

    We ship our products world wide in very discrete packaging.
    Shipments are made from various shipping points all over the world.

    Shipping time will depend on various factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc. We currently only offer registered Standard Air Mail ($US15). Most often you will receive your products within 10-14 days after ordering.

    Sorry we do not use overnight shipping or other express shipping / courier service.

      Prescription medication safety
    Do you accept money orders?
    A: We only accept payment by the following credit cards, Mastercard, Visa. We do not accept money orders or COD.

    Are you a legitimate company?
    A: We are a professional mail order service, supplying high-quality pharmaceutical products and other prescription drugs, prescription-free over the Internet.

    How can you sell at such great prices?

    A: We buy in bulk direct from wholesalers and keep overheads low. We have large volume sales which allows us to keep our margins low. Our shipping is not expensive and most importantly is very reliable.

      Prescription medication safety
    Is it legal to purchase these products?
    A: Since laws differ from country to country, we recommend you to contact your local FDA or customs office regarding the regulations and restrictions of your country.

    Where are you located?
    A: We are an Australia, but source our medication from reputable wholesalers from around the world. All our products are made by respectable pharmaceutical companies and are shipped in original packaging.

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    Buy Premarin online

    Buy Premarin, the drug manufacturer Premarin is WYETH. Used for symptoms associated with menopause: hot flashes (feelings of warmth in the face, neck, and chest), sweating, sleep disturbance, vaginal discomfort (dryness and itchiness), poor concentration, and irritability. It is also used in the treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women and breast and prostate cancer in men. Estrogen also is used with diet, calcium supplements, and exercise to slow the progression of osteoporosis, a disease common in women after menopause resulting in bones
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    Buy Propecia, the drug manufacturer Propecia is Merck Sharp & Dohme. Hair loss treatment.
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    Buy Proscar, the drug manufacturer Proscar is Merck Sharp & Dohme. Decreases the size of an enlarged prostate, which helps urination problems.
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    Buy Provera, the drug manufacturer Provera is Pharmica & Upjohn. Treats menstrual irregularities, some forms of cancer, and other conditions.
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    Buy Prozac, the drug manufacturer Prozac is Eli Lily. Treats depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and eating disorders.
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